Marinella "Monni" Himari

Adventurer, Photographer & Outdoor Journalist documenting arctic environments while fishing and hiking the great outdoors of Scandinavia.

I am Marinella, a professional photographer and Sigma Lenses Ambassador, an outdoor writer and a passionate fisher woman originally from Hämeenlinna, but considering myself as a girl from Northern Savonia, where I’ve spent most of my childhood while fishing and exploring the forests near to our summer cottage. Traveled all over the world for the past 10 years with my award-winning travel blog Kaukokaipuu (‘Wanderlust’ in English), I finally realized that Finland and other Scandinavian countries truly offers the most beautiful nature to explore.

I’m currently living and documenting arctic self-sufficiency in Myre (Norway) while hiking and fishing the great outdoors of Scandinavia. I work as an Ambassador for Karttakeskus, the pioneer of spatial data in Finland already for decades. Meanwhile, I am finishing my first book that summarizes my wilderness stories from the year 2018. I spent my whole year on the road, sleeping in my tent, wilderness huts and in my car, documenting all that and writing about my feelings and emotions, nature around me and people that I missed.

Nature is my office: I spend my working and social life mostly outdoors. I run my own company, Wilder Mind Media, in the outdoor and travel industry to help Finnish clients to market their products and services through successful marketing strategies, inspirational contents and visually strong photographs.

On the other hand, I am a public speaker inspiring and giving lectures for the fellow outdoor writers and companies about inspirational and attractive (travel) writing, nature photography and SEO, which is one of the most important parts of my job while creating successful stories and campaigns that will rank in Google. I’ve been working 9 years in the digital environment, mostly in social media platforms and web sites, creating contents that truly matters.

My award-winning travel blog Kaukokaipuu celebrated its 10th anniversary in February 2018. Oh what a journey it has beem! In addition, I am the founder of #suomiretki, an ode to Finland and its four (or eight) seasons: more than 150 000 #suomiretki-photos has been shared on Instagram since the beginning (02/2014).